Always check that phone number before you send a text or you may send it to someone who least expects it


The Poet, by T.L. Costa, is a sweet and tender tale of young love. Thomas Wyatt Hershowitz discovers he’s named after a dead poet. Now in high school he’s a football player and completely tongue tied whenever he sees Hannah Smith. Unable to utter any words or sounds he always clams up when he is near her.

When Hannah slips him a note one day in class and asks him to text her their homework assignment he should be able to do that, text her the assignment. Unfortunately instead of sending her the homework assignment he sends her something else and panics. What will she do when she reads the text? Is there a way to retrieve it? Fearing that he’s just made an even bigger mess, he must confess to her brother what he’s done and pray it doesn’t come between their friendship.

I loved this tale and how it portrays high school and friendships. Sometimes it’s those memories that make us want to dive into these books and get lost for days!

I received an ARC of Premiere for a fair and honest review but would definitely purchase this as a gift!


T.L. Costa is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and has a Masters of Teaching from Quinnipiac University.

Her debut, Playing Tyler, won the 2014 Nautilus Silver Winner in Young Adult (YA) Fiction, won the 2013 USA BEST BOOK AWARD for Young Adult Fiction and was a finalist in the Booksellers Best Awards and the 2014 Silver Falchion Awards.

Her short story, The Poet, appears in the RWA Anthology, PREMIERE, which was edited by Sylvia Day.

She taught high school for five years before becoming a full-time mom and writer. She has lived in Texas, New York, New Jersey and Spain. Currently, she lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children.


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